My situation: september 2016

Hello Everybody welcome back on my blog. 
Today I'm back with another "my situation" article but this time is 2016 one. 
I have been during all this year quite (inactive) on my blog and I always say that "I'm really back this time " or I will be more active. I swear is one of my main goal this year I will tell you more about it in my article " Dear my year 2016-2017". 

In September 2015 I start my school in a particularly way, I was studying my last year of my baccalaureate by the internet. I have to say that was a pretty difficult year for me because I had to study on my own, to motivate myself ALL THE TIME. To September to November I was fine but after I work a bit less, I was tired and I was working during holiday time in a store which means I wasn't very concentrated on my school work. So I decided to stop my contract with the company because my education is much more important. Then to January to an end of April I try to catch up where I was late because my final exam was coming very soon and I had to do in the same time my short film done before the end of may, it's was a real challenge but I never give up. Arriving in May I had a month to be ready for my exam and I start being nervous. Thanks, Facebook I find a real help and find a new friend, we all support each other during this hard time. 

During the revision time, I realize that the course by internet wasn't useful at all and I have to learn everything in a very short time. If I can give an advice to some of you I will suggest don't do the "CNED" learn with books for each subject you will be more prepared and is really well explain ! 
Also, don't start your note a month before your exam makes them all along the year you will not waste time like I do and your revision will be easier and less stressful. If you need any advice to have effective revision let me know I will be very pleased to help you to give you my advice that works for me.

So I successfully got my exam with a sort of "mention" and I hopefully will go to university in September 2016 study Fashion Design in Cambridge in the same university as my sister. 
If you want to know my result in each subject please let me know and to know more about the short film you can find the link down below. 

Thanks for reading ♡

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